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The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center (at Baylor College of Medicine) in Houston, Texas is involved in three major activities: Caring, Education, & Research. The Rett Center at BCM is one of the few centers in the United States that specializes in the diagnosis and care of girls and women with Rett Syndrome. They provide […]

Happy Anniversary Charlie!

SEVEN wonderful years….OK, we are a normal couple, so not everyday is wonderful. Some days you actually would probably say are far from it, but I am still so very much in love with you! We have been thrown a few “curve balls” in life but I know with you by my side I will […]


We made some adjustments and added some supports to the walker today. I think Brooklyn will feel more secure and it will give her the confidence she needs to walk. Her walking has slowed down quite a bit over the past few weeks and she is hesitant to do it by herself. It is a […]

Seizure Update

Charlie thought that Brooklyn had been having more seizures lately. I had not seen any so I was hesitant to up her medicine. Bad news…..Janet and Nan (Brooklyn’s physical therapist) witnessed more seizures this morning. So, I have contacted her neurologist and she recommend that we up her Keppra to 2 cc’s. Unfortunately, this means […]

Wednesday means….

Wednesdays mean lots of different things to lots of different people. For me it means Carole comes over for Developmental Therapy!Carole plays with me. Sometimes I get frustrated. But sometimes I do good! (For those keeping track………Monday is Speech Therapy, Tuesday is Occupational Therapy, & Thursday is Physical Therapy) I had lots of fun with […]

More fun in the pool!

"Binky" Free

You will NEVER see a picture like this again…….. I am so proud of my cousin Jackson. He has been “binky” free for awhile now but today at lunch time he found one hidden under his bed. He was a very big boy and threw it away on his own. (ok…with a bribe from my […]

Favorite seat

I love watching the Wiggles in my cute pink chair! I wanted to tell everyone that I DID sleep through the night last night……mommy is very happy! Hopefully I can get these teeth through soon and get back to feeling more like my happy self.

teething stinks!

It turns out I am getting my two year molars AND have a sinus infection. That is why I have not been feeling so hot. Thanks Dr. Dean for getting me some medicine; sorry I slept through most of our appointment! I think I am on my way to feeling MUCH better….I might even try […]

Mommy’s "Brooklyn Burrito"

My mommy is so silly. After my bath she cuddles me up in my towel and calls me her “Brooklyn Burrito.” We both giggle a lot….I actually kind of like it but I still think she is silly!