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Horseback Riding

Monday night’s are Brooklyn’s FAVORITE nights because she goes horseback riding. Thanks to my mom and Kristin for taking her tonight since Charlie and I were down at the hospital with Boston. She is doing so amazing riding and has a blast!


I wanted to post a quick update about Brooklyn. Bless her heart, things have been a bit hectic for her around here. She is adjusting and of course loves her Grammy to death so she is enjoying the extra time with my mom. It is hard because I want to be here and I also […]

Boston’s Blog

I wanted to let you know that I am going to keep a blog for Boston throughout our time in the NICU: to keep you up to date with our little miracle. (I want to keep this blog focused on my sweet Rett Angel and our life with Rett Syndrome)

Bright Eyes

I got to spend some time with Boston this morning looking into his eyes!!! He is beautiful and perfect in every way! Big Yawn! I held him in my hands briefly while they changed his bedding….I can’t wait to hold him in my arms for real! Back under the lights for Boston, at least for […]


Brookie Bean and I enjoyed some cuddle time in the room today. She has been such a trooper, not having mommy at home has been tough on her. Daddy and Grammy have been a great tag team with Brooklyn this week allowing me to concentrate on Boston here at the hospital. Carrie was able to […]

CPAP machine is OFF!!!

Great News!!! Boston is off the CPAP machine and just has a nasal cannula on room air. Breathing completely on his own! YAY! We are waiting on further heart results which we should have later today. I am on my way up to the NICU to see him right now – I am wearing quite […]


I got to take off the gloves today! It was so good to feel his sweet little baby skin against my hand. Holding this little hand has got to be one of the most amazing feelings in the world right now! Yes, I am in love with this little guys feet :) This morning he […]

One Day Old!

This will give you an idea of Boston’s size with my hand laying on top of him. Here is Boston saying hello. This is a rare moment with his eyes uncoverd, he is under the lamps in his incubabtor due to jaundice. It is was so good to get my hands on my sweet baby […]

Boston Clark Butler Has Arrived!

Boston arrived via c-section at 1:38 today weighing 2 lbs 3 oz. He was taken straight to the NICU and will more than likely be there the next 9 weeks. Good news is he is breathing on his own! Please continue to keep him in your prayers! Hopefully Brooklyn will get the chance to meet […]


Brooklyn came to visit me last night…..she was slightly dissapointed that this “TV” would not play Dora OR the Wiggles! However, Aunt Kristin saved the day with figuring out the DVD in my room :) WIGGLES!!!! I had actually gone a full 24 hours WITHOUT hearing or seeing the Wiggles until last night ;) I […]