Ever since I was a little girl I remember people making a wish when the digital clock read 11:11 – ok…I am guilty….I have made quite a few wishes at 11:11 :)
My wish today on this very special 11-11-11 is a cure for Rett Syndrome. I know what you are thinking – that is my wish with every birthday candle, loose eyelash, crossed finger, etc and you are right! It is!
Today though is even more special because GP2C is kicking off their $11.11 throughout 11/11 campaign! Starting today and leading up through the 15th – which just so happens to be the FIFTH birthday for Girl Power 2 Cure I want to encourage you to make a donation of just $11.11 in honor of Brooklyn. Help me wish GP2C a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Click HERE to join in the celebration and make your donation!

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