Team GP2C – Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

It truly is hard to even put into words the emotions of last weekend….but before I start getting hate mail for not blogging about the weekend…here it goes…..
20130301-151030.jpgMy partner in crime for the weekend – Ingrid Harding. We do not get to see each other much throughout the year but you can bet we make the most of every moment we have together! Thank you Ingrid, for introducing me to Girl Power 2 Cure and allowing me to be a part of such an amazing, energetic, hope-filled organization!

20130301-151051.jpgThursday night our GP2C Crew worked hard to get the EXPO booth ready for THOUSANDS of visitors :) We had lots of awesome merchandise this year! We educated hundreds of people throughout the weekend….one flower at a time!

20130301-151112.jpgThe best part about the weekend – all the AMAZING Rett mammas – we spend countless hours online with each other as we travel this Rett Journey together, helping each other, encouraging each other, inspiring each other, and to be able to spend time with them – HUG THEM, well….there are no words to describe how that feels.

20130301-151132.jpgFriday night was our Team Dinner – of which the focus was on these amazing girls. Girls that our team was running in honor of. The night was filled with amazing speeches, delicious food, and lots of laughs!

20130301-151203.jpgAND it was Ingrid’s birthday (her 25th I believe) ;) love ya Ingrid!

20130301-151227.jpgIt was so beautiful to see each mom find their daughter’s picture, their inspiration for this 1/2 marathon. I am not going to lie, I was a teary mess by the end of the night. (These women, their girls, they are my family!) Rett Syndrome brought each of them into my life and yes, I hate Rett more than anything but love the people I have met because of Rett.

20130301-151240.jpgHmmmm…and who might this lovely lady be???Ann Marie  – THIS (and by this, I mean Team GP2C running the Disney 1/2) is ALL HER FAULT. It was this awesome gal that called me out of the blue one day and uttered the words…”I have an idea!” She sure did and I am so glad that she met little Annie McDonald and learned about Rett Syndrome and has joined us in our fight to END Rett!

20130301-151320.jpglove these ladies!

20130301-151343.jpgOn Saturday I spent the morning at the kids races – which were AWESOME. I got to hang with some of my little heroes and their brothers and sisters! I am not sure who had the most fun….them….or ME!

20130301-151402.jpgSaturday afternoon was filled with more fun at the EXPO which also led to me meeting Ali Vincent – the season five winner of the Biggest Loser. (Thank you Whitney for introducing her to GP2C and Rett Syndrome!) Ali became an honorary member of Team GP2C and ran the 1/2 in on of our GP2C shirts the next day.
(and in case you are wondering – Ali is AWESOME!!)

20130301-151421.jpgI do have to take a moment and say THANK GOODNESS for my iphone and for facetime – it makes time away from my little loves a little more bearable!

20130301-151444.jpgThe power of the flower – WOW – it was everywhere… was amazing. From tattoos, to pins, on shirts, zippers pulls, and water bottles. That flower, that symbol of strength, beauty, and hope that all of our girls have!

20130301-151457.jpgI told you….it was everywhere!! Love this GP2C spirit!

20130301-151516.jpgDid I mention that one of my dearest friends came…Beth came to cheer on her friend Tina as she ran in memory of Emma. A real, live, in person hug never felt so good.

20130301-151538.jpgOne of my duties (since I did not run this year) was to be at the team tent first thing in the morning on race day  – and by first thing, I mean 3:30 am!! The awesome thing about this job was that I got to see all of our team arrive – it was thrilling – the emotions, the excitement. It ROCKED.

20130301-151605.jpgAND…..I was there after the race as our team came in! Which was even better. I got to share their victory with them, share these special moments – the pictures with their girls, their heroes.


20130301-151640.jpgI have to post this picture of Sarah too – is this the PERFECT shirt for the Disney race or what?!?!? LOVE IT!

20130301-151654.jpgIt was cool to see team members that were back for their second year like my friends Mitch and Erin….whose running times blow mine away!

20130301-151718.jpgAlong with first timers like Kristin and Bill – who ROCKED it! (and already plan on joining us next year!)

20130301-151727.jpgThis picture was by far the most special to me. These mammas lost their little girls to Rett Syndrome this past year. Most of you who follow my blog or facebook page know them, know the pain that losing these amazing angels has caused our tight little Rett Community. These girls were our girls, our family. It was a complete honor to have them represented. They are forever a part of our family….a part of Team GP2C!

20130301-151736.jpgIs this not the most fun group ever? Team Teagan was new to Team GP2C and they. were. AWESOME! I mean, who doesn’t love a family in purple tutus?!?!?!

20130301-151753.jpgThis is only a few of our team members – we had 116 in total on Team GP2C this year. 116 people all with their own individual connection to Rett Syndrome. We had moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, therapists, neighbors, friends, cousins, heck – we even had a few ladies that stumbled across our Gp2C website one day and fell in love with the beautiful brave faces that they saw there staring back at them. 116 people that came together as a team to run for all of the girls fighting their battles against Rett Syndrome, watch out Rett Syndrome – with people like this fighting you… really do not stand a chance….you have been warned!

20130301-151920.jpgAnd of course one final picture….my little love Brooklyn….my connection to Rett Syndrome. Simply put…..My hero.

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  1. Suzy March 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm | | Reply

    Kelly, thank you for posting these pictures and all the info! I am in awe of all those who ran and dedicated their time and money to help find a cure for Rett! I am so proud of all you do! You have touched many lives and in turn made many new friends! I thank all of you who work so hard for all the Rett Angels in the GP2C family……you are all just awesome!

  2. Debbie March 1, 2013 at 6:25 pm | | Reply

    Think of you all often……such amazing women. To borrow one of your lines, “with people like this……” the world is very blessed. God bless all of the children. Hugs ~

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