Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Yesterday was an AWESOME afternoon. Brooklyn had two of her friends from school over…AND two of her college friends stopped by to hang out too! My house has not witnessed this much fun in a LONG time ;)  I wanted you to check out this picture of Brookie’s hair – Bree (one of Brookie’s Trine friends) braided it for her. I am a total slacker mom and can not do much except put in a headband or a ponytail….I think it might be time to step up my game – because this “fishtail” braid is too cute! (and I swear she did in 30 seconds!)

We decided to try those “stick on” nail polish thingys – I figured they would be fun (and easier) since we typically have to paint Brooklyn’s nails when she is sleeping! (her hands are in constant motion and polishing a moving target is just a mission impossible!) I again was super happy to have Bree’s help. Although, I have to admit – I got the hang of these pretty quick!


This is Emma getting started on her manicure:)


The girls wanted to show off the finished project – I would say it was a smashing success! Three sets of sparkly pink nails!


We tried desperately to get a picture of all three of the girls together, smiling, looking at the camera but  that was tougher than I had anticipated (and yes, it brought me GREAT joy that it was not always MY girlie causing the photo taking trouble) turns out that ALL seven year old girls can be hard to give directions too – who knew?!?!? I swear Brookie WAS smiling most of the afternoon!


Another one of the cool things I found were window markers. I discovered these when I was looking for fun stuff to send to Brooklyn’s friend Sophia while she was in the hospital. The girls LOVED drawing on the windows (and mirrors) in the house. They wrote cool “i love Brookie” messages and did some pretty awesome drawings!  It was the first thing that I saw when I came downstairs this morning. It made me smile – scribbles of love for MY daughter – scribbled messages made by my daughter’s FRIENDS – messages that were drawn while my daughters friends were at OUR house hanging out after school. Moments like this seem so little, so insignificant to most of you reading this. Moments like this to me are huge – moments like this are dreams that I thought might never come true.

You  see……..a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome almost six years ago gave me FALSE worries that my daughter was different, that her peers would not accept her, not understand her, maybe not even (gasp) like her. It is moments like these that remind me that those worries, those fears  are so far from the truth! My daughter has amazing friends that accept her, understand her (most of the time – lets face it Rett Syndrome makes it tough for all of us! ) and not only do they like her – they LOVE her!20130411-175651.jpg

Brookie – checking out Emma’s fabulous artwork.


It is kind of hard to see the details – but you get the idea – and can probably get why these BEAUTIFUL windows were the PERFECT start to my day!


McKenna wanted a quick picture with Brookie before she left, I think Brookie was bummed that it was time for her to leave :( There was no getting a smile out of her for this one! I love that both friends were BEGGING to stay longer. They want to have a sleepover!


(a sleepover – a true honest to goodness sleepover – girls want to come over and STAY at my house with my little girl!)  Those fears I talked about earlier that I had when we got our diagnosis can take a flying leap!!!!


One final “project” Emma helped out with before her mom got here was recording Brooklyn’s parts for her second grade class play on her talker. Her class is doing the play “WackaDoo Zoo” – Brooklyn is in the “goats” group :) This particular switch is able to record four separate messages – which is perfect for each line of the play she has!


Thanks Emma for being Brookie’s voice!!


Last night was another night of Brookie falling asleep with a HUGE smile on her face. I of course could not tell you if I fell asleep with a smile on my face but I am betting I did! I know for sure my heart was happy!



***Hey Rett Syndrome – nice try – but Brookie wins this round – you can’t stop THESE girls from having fun!!

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  1. mike mcnamara April 12, 2013 at 11:27 am | | Reply

    Brookie … it so great reading what Mommy shared about your Thursday … AND what friends you have – BOTH at your School AND Trine University! Love, pappy

  2. Suzy April 12, 2013 at 8:01 pm | | Reply

    I love Brooklyn’s friends…..her classmates…..and her college friends! It was so great just watching all the fun and love going on! I believe ALL four of her friends had fun and took blessings away with them. You guys are the best!

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