A picture from PJ!!??!!

Every once in awhile something simple like a walk to the mail box can change your day completely!! Today was one of those days!! Brooklyn got a SUPER special, super awesome surprise in the mail today from one of her friends, Courtney. (Courtney, I hope that you are LOVING reading about yourself on my blog!!!)

Courtney is one of the coolest little girls (I think she gets it from her mommy) Brooklyn thinks she is cool because like Courtney’s note said they have SO much in common: they both have Rett Syndrome, they both are 8 years old, they both are beautiful, they both have silly brothers, and of course they both LOVE the show “Good Luck Charlie!” So as you might imagine this mail was A*W*E*S*O*M*E!!! A signed picture JUST FOR HER from PJ!!! (I will go ahead an admit to you Courtney, that your letter was so stinkin cute that I might have cried….a lot)  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I am serious when I say I could not get her to look up at me to take a picture – her eyes were GLUED to the photos!!!


would. not. look. up.


Seriously, look at this smile…best mail EVER!

She was SO excited to show Grammy :) 20130729-163430.jpg

Thank you Courtney (and thank your mommy and daddy for helping you!) YOU ROCK!! These signed pictures ROCK!! Your letter ROCKS!! And lets face it….”Good Luck Charlie” ROCKS!!!  You made Brookie smile so big and that my friend, makes me smile!!

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