iPads in the classroom

Of course my first Rett Syndrome post for awareness month is going to be about inclusion – it is no secret that I LOVE it! Today’s focus though is on using an ipad in the classroom.
20131002-143839.jpgBrooklyn is in the third grade this year, her classroom (along with all the third grades at Ryan Park Elementary) is an ipad classroom. This means that they use the ipad on a regular basis as part of the curriculum. Since there is currently not an eye gaze option for the ipad (come on Apple, get with it!) I was a bit nervous about how Brooklyn could be engaged and included. Hand over hand is great – and her 1:1 aide absolutely does quite a bit of it but what about quizzes? Could Brooklyn take her own quiz ON THE iPAD?  I suppose not – I would have to get the quiz – adapt it – put it on her clear eye gaze board and of course end up behind again this year.  (last year it was nearly impossible to keep up with all of the adaptation and usually quizzes were simply skipped.)

Then…..I received THIS picture.

This beautiful picture of Brooklyn TAKING HER QUIZ ON THE IPAD!

On this particular day Brooke was reading the question to Brooklyn and then reading each answer – Brooklyn would then look to her answer. (The answers of course were multiple choice A. B. C. or D.) Brooke has actually discovered that she also does really well without the eye gaze board. She reads the question and the answers and then says “Brooklyn, look at me when I say the correct answer.” “A…………….B……………C” Brooklyn will look up at her when she say the choice Brooklyn wants. She generally asks her to confirm that it is the choice she wants.

The quiz that she was taking in this photo was graded – Brooklyn missed 3 out of 18 questions….not too bad if you ask me…..take that Rett Syndrome!


***I also want to take a moment to state once more that Brooke (Brookyln’s 1:1 aide) is AMAZING, they are off to such a great start to the school year!!***

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  1. Michele Otraodvec October 2, 2013 at 6:24 pm | | Reply

    This is great! Was the test created for all students?

  2. Helen Lynch October 2, 2013 at 10:58 pm | | Reply

    That’s great! We are working on getting our daughter,Nora, the Tobii. They have just come out with a Tobii so small it can attach to a tablet and works with an eye gaze. Thought you might be interested in that info! :)

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