My Superheroes


I want to take a moment and honor the two little superheroes in my life….Boston and Brooklyn.

These little loves of mine truly fight BIG battles each and every day. Boston as he tackles the duel diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. He fights feeding difficulties, GI issues, sensory processing, cognitive disabilities, fine motor skill issues, apraxia and is non-verbal. While Brooklyn deals with Rett Syndrome fighting a body that does not work like she wants it too. She battles seizures, apraxia, has a feeding tube, is non- ambulatory, non-verbal,  and struggles with breathing abnormalities.

Despite these very big daily battles, most of the time you will see my kids grinning from ear to ear or hear their giggles from a mile away. They live life full of love and determination (and full of patience with those of us in their lives trying to figure out their worlds) and for that I am grateful.

I thank God for allowing me to love these little superheroes each and every day.


(and I want to give a SUPER HUGE thank you to Jen Lange who created these AMAZING images for me!)

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