You have often heard me say that it “takes a village” and it is true! This summer we added a new member to our village. Her name is Laquita and she is AWESOME. We qualified for some monthly respite care hours over a year ago and worked with two nurses prior to Laquita, they were just not a good “fit” (I will spare you the details) and then in June….Laquita entered our life and has become family. She LOVES Brooklyn and just “gets it.” Gets Rett, gets our crazy life, gets Boston, gets me….she is a dream come true. My gift from God.
For those of you who know me, know that I am a little bit overboard, kind of a freak about who I trust with my kids. It is SO TOUGH to have non-verbal children who can not voice their needs, their hurts, their sadness, their like or dislike for a babysitter. It. is. TOUGH. But with Laquita, it seemed like a perfect fit from the beginning….I think you can see the mutual love the two girlies have for each other in these photos!

Thank you Laquita, for loving my little girl! Although those two simple words just do not seem like enough!

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