“Boston Cards”

Most of you know all about the GP2C “Purple Cards” we have for Brooklyn that explains Rett Syndrome, they are life savers for us when we are out and about and people have questions about Brookie or when we are at a new doctor or in the hospital – it is a rule of mine that everyone who will be interacting with Brookie during a hospital stay read her card before entering the room – you would be AMAZED at how this changes the way everyone interacts with her. They also helped us as she started school  – we sent a card home with each of her peers during open house so her classmates and their parents could learn more about our angel.

Well, as Autism starts “kicking in” we decided that it might be time for a Boston card. As most of you know my sweet kiddo recently was given the duel diagnosis of Autism along with his Down Syndrome. As the regression kicks in we are dealing more with tantrums, spinning, and just overall frustration. He is still nonverbal so it can be tough on everyone and it is often in these times that someone will ask what is wrong, or how they can help, or you know….just stare at us. I figured since the Purple Cards were tiny little paper miracles – these might be too.

Introducing…..the Boston Card….



To lean more about this duel diagnosis please click HERE.

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