Brookie Update….our time in the PICU


I forget that there are many of my blog readers that are not on facebook and you probably have wondered what the heck happened to me? Well…it has been an insane 10 days! Last Monday we ended up down in Lutheran Hospital PICU with double pneumonia. It got BAD fast, like over night fast. We are HOME now and and on oxygen but are healing. But I thought I would try to type a quick recap for all of you.
Once admitted, Brooklyn  had spiked a 104.5 fever and was put immediately on BiPap to help her breath, her lungs were so full she could not breath  deep enough or strong enough on her own. They also started treatments on the vest, and xoponex breathing treatments as well as a cough assist machine. It was ALOT and unfortunately it was quite a bit of trauma to her face – which resulted in lots of swelling. So much swelling that I thought for sure she was allergic to the antibiotic – but we ultimately determined that was not the case. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see her like this. But the alternative was to intubate her which I was not too excited to try either. :(
It took about 48 hours off of the Bipap but the swelling started to go down and she began to look more like herself. We also put some covering on her face to help protect if from further breakdown from the mask.
We did not see her eyes for the first three days we were there, it was awful. We she regained some of her strength, seeing those beautiful eyes was the most amazing sight and just what I needed (even if she did look completely exhausted!)
We even got a little bit of a smile!
It was not until Saturday that we were moved up to a regular peds floor. We were ALL happy with that move – although we missed our amazing nurses from PICU, the move to the new floor meant once step closer to home!
Sunday was the first day she had the energy to spend some time in her wheelchair, and it wore her out!
Monday we got the news that IF the x-ray looked ok we could go home….HOME….a word we all were waiting to hear. We were headed home on oxygen and continuing the vest and breathing treatments but we were heading home!
We had a quick stop in to the Ortho to get her cast traded in for a boot and we were on our way home!
Of course the bad news is that the boot was not a good decision and after only 48 hours of wearing it, we had skin breakdown – which bean BACK to Fort Wayne last night to check it out. We were sent home with nothing – they do not want to cast over the worn skin so we are jut being super careful (yes, this stresses me out!)

Please pray that we can continue to heal and get better with each day. We would love to be oxygen free by Christmas….that is my wish!

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  1. Mel January 2, 2014 at 8:46 pm | | Reply

    I am so sorry that you are all going through this. Poor baby.

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