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We adapt...its what we do....

We adapt…its what we do….

We need a way for her friends to “practice” using Brooklyn’s eye gaze board to communicate with Brooklyn – but it was taking a long time for them to all take turns with the one she uses during class SO….what do we do….we adapt. We found these clear clip boards at Staples. We taped index […]



The other day I was on the phone with a Rett dad (and personal friend)  we were talking about school  and our daughters and I made the comment “Even the worst day in inclusion is still better than the best day in “seclusion!”  He said “ohhhhh, that is good. You should do a post on […]

The Important Thing.....

The Important Thing…..

I thought I would share another one of Brooklyn’s assignments with you. They are working on adjectives in class as well as beginning writing, starting paragraphs, main idea – that sort of thing. They were to pick something that is important to them. For Brooklyn, one of the most important things is her ability to […]

"Bestest day EVER"

“Bestest day EVER”

The previous 48 hours had been…..ummmmm…..not the greatest….Our time down at the hospital for the latest round of tests were not the best (an over night video eeg and a swallow study both of which stressed this mommy out) and then….there is a day like today……..A day that for three hours, life seemed just about….well….”typical” […]

Girl Power 2 Cure

I (of course) hate Rett Syndrome and all that it has taken away from my sweet daughter but I absolutely adore the amazing people that have come into my world and become family because of Rett. I am so honored to be a part of the Girl Power 2 Cure organization and that in some […]

Awesome Mammas

Awesome Mammas

LOVE these ladies and am so honored that they are joining the GP2C team…be sure to check out THIS BLOG POST to learn more about these amazing ladies and their inspiring girls!


Just when I think this kid cant make me smile anymore…he does. He cracks me up! He was in a great mood before preschool yesterday so I of course took it as a opportunity for a photo shoot :D

Boston Cuteness

Boston Cuteness

The kid does not realize what he is missing by not eating “regular” food….purées have to be getting old! Thanks for lunch today Grammy!!

Girl Power 2 Cure - "Team Brooklyn"

Girl Power 2 Cure – “Team Brooklyn”

Unless this is your first time visiting my blog (and in that case….WELCOME to our crazy awesome life!)  you are very aware that my daughter Brooklyn has Rett Syndrome and we raise money for Girl Power 2 Cure throughout the year with various fundraisers :) One EASY way you can help us raise money for […]

2013 - Happy NEW Year kiddos!

2013 – Happy NEW Year kiddos!

Brooklyn, My first little love. I pray that 2013 is a healthier year for you without surgery, seizures, or hospital stays. I hope that it is a year of scientific breakthroughs for Rett Syndrome that will bring us a cure or at least treatments that might help some of the the more devastating symptoms of […]