Happy Mother’s Day

It is funny…I am not sure when it happened really.

The moment that my mom became one of my best friends. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t ever remember not liking my mom – even during my bratty challenging junior high years :) She has always been there for me. I remember her chaperoning many school and church youth group trips and while I might have begged her not to go I secretly always felt better knowing she was there. She was one of my biggest fans (besides my dad) sitting through endless hours of track meets, volleyball games, basketball games, choir and band concerts…..looking back now I bet she was wishing Kristin and I did  not live such active lives. To be honest I don’t ever remember her missing a single event. (I’m not saying she didn’t – but she was always so supportive, always there. Both of my parents were.)

She was there to help me pick out the perfect prom dress, and wipe my tears after my first heart break, she dropped me off at my first sleep away camp and then years later at my first day of my freshman year at Cincinnati Bible College when I am sure Cincinnati seemed a lifetime away from Caldwell. She let go of me just enough to allow me to grow up – and I think I could knowing she would be always be there….no matter what.

One of the biggest sacrifices she  made was when she retired early and she and my dad MOVED to be near us after Brooklyn received her diagnosis of Rett Syndrome and helped her through hours  of therapy each day. She was there again the day Boston came 10 weeks early and we did not know if he would make it. She was there again reminding me that everything would be ok when he got the Down Syndrome diagnosis. She became my rock when my marriage of 10 years crumbled and the man I thought would be my forever walked out on us. She and my dad moved in with the kids and me to make sure we would survive….and we did….we might have floundered a bit for awhile but we survived – thrived actually. I am not sure I would have without them.

Mom was there to encourage me when I met Jon, pushing me to open my heart and love again. She cried (happy tears) as I accepted his proposal. (Almost relieved as her promise to me that there was someone out there that would fall in love me and my awesome kiddos came true.)

She was there as my sweetest little love received a second diagnosis – Autism. As my ‘Why me, why my kids” thoughts filled my head, she reminded me that another label does not change anything. He is still the same awesome little boy he was the day before that diagnosis. She is there for me everyday – helping with Brooklyn and Boston – whether it is driving to school, therapy, or doctors appointment, making snacks for the kids classrooms,  or having sleepovers with the kiddos so I can sleep through the night. (She and my dad tag team many of these things – but that is for my Father’s day post!) I sound like a broken record by now in this post but it’s all true.

I  do not know what I would to without her love, her encouragement, her example of what it is to be a mother. I often have people tell me that I am a super mom – what people do not see when they look at me standing there wearing my supermom cape is right out of the photo frame (in the part of the photo you can’t see) is my mom. She is standing at my side, using the last bit of her strength propping me up, blowing air into my cape to make it fly, and whispering in my ear gentle reminders that I can do this.

Thank you mom, I might not know WHEN you became one of my best friends, but I am so blessed that you are!

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  1. Sara May 11, 2014 at 5:50 am | | Reply

    Happy Mother’s Day to two amazing mothers. Kelly you are so right your mama is truly a beautiful lady. Each time she comments on Facebook to me I find myself encouraged.

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