Inclusion ROCKS: Friends ROCK!


I can’t believe that Brooklyn has been in school three weeks and I have not done a single blog post about 5th grade yet. SHE IS LOVING IT!!! So far my favorite story was last week. When I picked her up her afternoon 1:1 aide shared a story with me. She said that two of her friends were talking with Brooklyn and told her that they wished they were her sisters because that way they could come home with her everyday after school to hang out and spend the night.  *GULP* Cue the HAPPY TEARS!!

Inclusion is great for so many reasons – mainly because I KNOW Brooklyn is smart – she is capable of doing age appropriate work – yes it needs to be modified – yes it takes her WAY longer to complete – yes some days are better than others but over all she is LEARNING and she is LOVING it. But you know what – as happy as I am that is is learning reading strategies, comprehension, writing styles, health, social studies and all of that AMAZING stuff to me the BEST part of inclusion are stories like this. Hearing girls saying that want to spend MORE time with Brooklyn, they want to be her sister. They LOVE her. Brooklyn has made some amazing friends. Friends that make her smile – fill her world with laughter and love and that people is the absolute BEST part of inclusion.


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