Lets share our EXTRAORDINARY kiddos with Social Media!


I wanted to share a cool new photo border with all of my DS/ASD friends! It is the perfect way to help share photos and AWARENESS on social media*. Many people do not realize that a child can indeed have BOTH Down Syndrome AND Autism. I figure images like this will spark conversation which will lead to opportunities for education! If you want to create an image for your kiddo click HERE.  Simply follow the directions on the screen. You can even use this link on your iphone/ipad! If you have any issues leave me a comment – I am happy to help! (You will see other frames that are my personal ones but the one seen above is an option to choose, along with a yellow/blue awareness ribbon.)

*Be sure when you post to social media you share a link where your friends and family can learn more! A great website is Down Syndrome-Autism Connection!

I want to thank my buddies Duncan and James for helping me out with this awesome awareness tool. They do AMAZING work with Rett Syndrome over at Army of Us and have jumped right in to help me with DS/ASD too! You guys ROCK!

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