Minor Surgery

Today Boston had dental surgery – it was nothing major, it was outpatient, no big deal. Those words are easy to type now that it is over and we are home ;) because leading up to it and during it felt pretty MAJOR!

To be honest I did not sleep great last night. The fear of the unknown will get ya every time! Would he be scared? Will there be a major meltdown? Would they be able to complete the procedure with no complications? Will he come out of the anesthesia ok? Will he rip his IV out? The questions and what ifs go on and on.


Then there was the reality that Boston was the PERFECT patient. All smiles – no fighting the nurses as they took his blood pressure, did a pulse ox, took his temperature, not even so much as a flinch. It really was like we had entered some parallel universe (most doctor type stuff require a full body hold by me.) He rolled back into that OR with nothing but the comfort of his ipad with not a single tear!

Following surgery he was a champ.



I have to admit – it was an odd feeling. I have gotten use to seeing Brooklyn in the hospital/after surgery because we’ve been through it quite a few times but not with Boston. While yes he had quite the traumatic start to life – over all he is a really healthy kid! Seeing his tiny little body on that big bed after surgery tugged at my heart quite a bit. He woke up without a fight – stayed completely calm during recovery – no battle with taking the IV out – I am serious when I say it was PERFECTION. I was SHOCKED and so very proud of my brave, sweet boy today.



Now….off to soak up some extra cuddle time.

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