My Argumentative Kid


Picture really has NOTHING to do with this blog post – just included for cuteness

Yesterday Boston was hanging out with my friend Holly (who provides respite hours through the waiver) she is AWESOME with Boston.  First off –  I get this adorable picture from her simply titled “stud muffin” I agree, he is! Its funny because NO WAY would he keep sun glasses on for ANY length of time for me – but for Holly and Mike – of course. She said it was short lived – but its a start!

Anyway – the REAL reason for this post is Boston’s interaction regarding his bubbles. I realize I have been a complete blog slacker so for those of you who might not be “friends” with me on Facebook, about a month ago we started working with Boston using a communication app called SpeakAll. (His cousin Jackson handed down his ipad mini for him to use -Thanks J!)

The idea was to move away from him carrying around his PECS binder and have those images here in this app – plus LOTS more. Bubbles seem to be his favorite request both at ABA and at home. (They MIGHT be a higher motivator than the Wiggles even!) Although he is also now using his app to independently request food when he is hungry and a drink when he is thirsty – which is AWESOME!


Back to my story – he was at Holly’s house – which you need to know,  there were NO BUBBLES there.

He uses his device to ask for bubbles. Sadly, Holly tells him they do not have bubbles and encourages him to choose something else. He then goes to yes/no and says YES! Holly of course has to say “no” ” sorry buddy, we don’t have bubbles” Which he replies “yes”  Ha! They go back and forth a coupe of times……making this his FIRST argument! I am sure this is the first of many to come and I freaking love it!!


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