Making Choices

Making Choices

Many of you who follow this blog know that Boston is non-verbal. We currently have no real form of communication. We guess, a lot. He yells a lot. We have a couple “basic” things- he knows where his cups are stored and will go near them (and sometimes yell) letting us know he is thirsty.  […]

If only I could hear your voices…..

Thanks to my cousin Patricia , I have found a new blogger that I love. Her name is Jo Ashline and from  the small amount of time that I have spent on her blog in the last 24 hours, I think I have found a new friend ;) Some of you might have read her […]

Occupational Therapy - HopeBridge

Occupational Therapy – HopeBridge

Boston had an AMAZING OT session at Hopebridge today. We started the session by walking to the park for some time in the swings. We all know Boston LOVES  to swing!! What you might not know is when he swings – the sensory input he receives is amazing, and he works so much harder the […]

I probably should have started that baby book...

I probably should have started that baby book…

I am probably one of the only moms that do not have a baby book….for EITHER child. Don’t get me wrong, I have memories and pictures and oodles of blog posts but no baby book. Maybe that is not so uncommon in the special needs world? I mean, who really wants to track milestones when […]

Hardest post yet...

Hardest post yet…

As a blogger, I have sat many many many times looking at the screen. Whether it was just that I did not have something to say, or I was not sure I wanted to share it, or did not know how to say it…..this is one of those times that it just hurts my heart […]