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Awesome Mammas

Awesome Mammas

LOVE these ladies and am so honored that they are joining the GP2C team…be sure to check out THIS BLOG POST to learn more about these amazing ladies and their inspiring girls!

Group picture!


We had an AMAZING time on Friday at the Wiggles concert!! We also had an unexpected surprise….Thursday night I was chatting online with a friend of mine…who ended up hooking me up with a DIRECT contact to the Wiggles. LONG story short – three emails and a phone call later we were scheduled to be […]

It's Official.....I am CRAZY!

It’s Official…..I am CRAZY!

In February I joined Team GP2C and took part in my first 1/2 Marathon. It was the Disney Princess half marathon and we were running it in honor of all our girls with Rett Syndrome. About mile 10 of that race I told my sister to”NEVER let me do this again.”  I was not prepared […]

Voting ends SUNDAY!

Voting ends SUNDAY!

I grew up in a tiny little town – and I LOVED it! The people there were (and are) amazing! I have not lived there since my college summers but growing up there was honestly the best childhood a girl could ask for. Why then should I be surprised that they are STILL there for […]

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

Participating in the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon as part of GP2C was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. A year ago if you would of asked me to do something like this I would have said NO WAY but the encouragement of my sister, other Rett Syndrome Mommies and of course the […]

Garden of Hope Project

April is just around the corner and that means Autism Awareness Month! One of the projects that Girl Power 2 Cure takes on all year long (but focuses on in April) is the Garden of Hope project! Check out the video to learn more. Also, for my local friends, be sure to thank John Sutton […]

Garden of Hope for Rett Syndrome

Garden of Hope for Rett Syndrome from Girl Power 2 Cure on Vimeo.Hey Blog readers…..have you been wondering how YOU might be able to get involved with raising some money for Rett Syndrome research (with little work for you!?)  THIS is your chance!The Garden of Hope project is SO easy! Watch the video then click […]

the famous purple card ;)

GUESS WHO has one of these amazing purple cards???? Dr. OZ! A friend and fellow Rett mommy met him last week while he was taping a news segment and she gave give him one of her daughter’s cards and one of Brooklyn’s! THEN…..he asked for a phone number of someone at Girl Power 2 Cure […]

My reason to run

I have lots and lots of pictures to share of my 1/2 marathon weekend. I am still recovering so that post will have to wait. I do however want to post this one now. Because it is my favorite one. Brooklyn is the reason I participated on Team GP2C for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon. […]

I’m running the Disney Princess Half Marathon……now stop laughing and read this post ;)

Kristin, me, and Emilie – getting ready for our snow angels :)“psyching” ourselves up!snow angels for our Rett Angel Brooklynsilliness – we gotta be crazy to be doing snow angels in shorts and to be attempting this half marathon!what we will not do to raise money for Rett Syndrome!Since the womb Kristin and I have […]