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LOVE this video SO much. My hope for Boston is that everyone will not see Down Syndrome but see everything amazing that he is now and everything amazing he is yet to be!

Brooklyn’s Hip

We met with an Orthopedic Surgery team yesterday at Chicago’s Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. First, I have to say I LOVE that place and everyone there – they were amazing with Brooklyn (and me.)We had suspected that her hip was “out” we were not sure how much or how bad the situation was. It had been […]

Field Trip!

Brooklyn’s class has been saving their pennies for TODAY! They took all of their change into the bank and then used that money to buy goodies to take to our local animal shelter for the animals for Christmas – Brooklyn was PUMPED for today. (Although Grammy went too – which MIGHT have been part of […]

Boston’s NEW shirt!!

"living with" is an amazing site filled with all kinds of adaptive equipment which is life changing for girls like Brooklyn! They also have a section of their site called “Living With” and this month the title is “Living With Rett Syndrome” and I think if you check it out you might recognize an adorable little […]

OT with Miss Heidi

Yep, it was a “lets to therapy in our jammies” kind of mornings but Boston did GREAT!Although he was NOT sure about the Cookie Monster toy at all! Look at his face :)Working on picking up the balls and then pushing them back through – lots of fine motor!Stacking blocks – he did it ONCE […]

2011 Christmas Play

Brooklyn and mommy before the play – we were SO PUMPED that she ended up having a great afternoon as was able to go after our morning was filled with seizures – thank you all for your prayers!!This years Christmas Program was titled “The Perfect Christmas Recipe”OF COURSE Brooklyn is on the NICE list!!She was […]


New jammies :)Of course this kid is cute in just about anything!

Neurologist Update

I am happy to say that I truly liked the new neurologist. (an answer to PRAYER!) He wants to review the 72 hour video eeg for himself (instead of just relying on her former neuro’s notes) Which I appreciate for sure. He wants to be certain what type or types of seizures they are. According […]

Game ON!

Brooklyn was BELLY LAUGHING today while Sarah and Lauren were here – I just LOVE those giggles….I think it was because she was winning!