Back to school……sickness????

Yep…our first sickness of the fall – you know, the “welcome back to school it is great to see all your friends AND bring home all the germs” sickness. It hit our house this week. Brooklyn and Boston are both pretty miserable :(
No worries – we are stocked up on Boogie Wipes! Brooklyn stayed home yesterday since she was running a fever and today ended up at home too – she probably could have gone but she just seems so tired and still has those “sad/sick eyes” so I figured one more day at home would be ok. Besides I asked her if she felt like going to school and she looked at the “no” card which is not like her – she LOVES school.
Hopefully, with some rest, lots of liquids and some extra Grammy TLC today she will be good to go!
Hope all of you reading this are staying healthy!

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