Occupational Therapy

Boston had Occupational Therapy every Thursday morning with Miss Heidi….usually he works really hard for her although he does have a bit of an attitude when she tries to get him to do what she wants instead of what HE wants! Lucky for both of them he LOVES working on the big blue ball!! well….and the Wiggles…he loves the Wiggles (which is what he is watching on tv!)

We are working on increasing his strength in his arms and shoulders (this is the part where we get some attitude!)

Overall though…he does a good job for Heidi, they have become quite good buddies!

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  1. Tommie September 30, 2011 at 4:41 pm | | Reply

    Olivia always gave her OT the most attitude of all her therapists. She worked hard for the PT, played hard for the ST and rolled her eyes at the OT. Cristin, her OT (she used to work in the Angola area but moved soon after Olivia aged out of First Steps) loved Olivia's attitude, she said it would give her the push she'd need later in life. Good thing, since Olivia wasn't going to do anything Cristin asked of her without A LOT of attitude. I'm so glad that Boston and his OT are good buddies. :-)

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