OT with Miss Heidi

Yep, it was a “lets to therapy in our jammies” kind of mornings but Boston did GREAT!
Although he was NOT sure about the Cookie Monster toy at all! Look at his face :)
Working on picking up the balls and then pushing them back through – lots of fine motor!
Stacking blocks – he did it ONCE and I got it on film – wooohoooo!
Boston would spend the entire hour on the exercise ball if Heidi would let him!
Boston is coming along pretty well with his OT goals…..my little guy works so hard!!!

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  1. Tommie December 12, 2011 at 6:43 pm | | Reply

    I love that his OT so clearly adores him. Olivia's favorite therapist way back when she was in First Steps was her OT, Cristin. She (O) also gave Cristin the most attitude but that's what made their relationship so much fun.

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