World Down Syndrome Day!!

Today is “World Down Syndrome Day!

A day when WORLDWIDE Down Syndrome is being recognized, which of course is an amazing thing! It is great to get the word out about Down Syndrome and the amazingness of all those with that “little something extra.” It is a day focused on peoples strengths, their “can do’s and not their “can not’s.” People are being honored for their fight to have our Down Syndrome kiddos included in classrooms world wide, and thank you’s given out to companies that hire adults with Down Syndrome. All of this is AWESOME and I am proud to mention World Down Syndrome Day here on my blog. The truth is….around here, every day is Down Syndrome Day – every day I am proud of my son and fighting for my son and telling others about my son! Because…..well…..of his awesomeness!

Happy Down Syndrome Day Everyone!

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  1. maria March 21, 2012 at 10:29 am | | Reply

    you are an amazing mom with some amazing kids. and it doesn’t hurt that they are really cute too:)

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