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Brooklyn's "Sweet 16" picks

Brooklyn’s “Sweet 16” picks

Thanks to one of my fellow Rett Syndrome mammas (Kristin Hileman) – we were inspired to get Brooklyn involved with all of this MARCH MADNESS! With Pappy’s help, we found all of the team logos and Grammy put them on index cards for her and we were ready to make her picks! We decided to […]

GAME DAY (Jackson's Game)

GAME DAY (Jackson’s Game)

I was pumped that both my kids were feeling good and up for a trip outside of the house today. Perfect timing because my nephew Jackson had a basketball game at the Y today! Pappy and Grammy were able to come too. A few pre-game pictures. The All-Star :) Jackson I love this picture because […]

The fun continues…

I think Boston had MORE fun after the game ;) Your browser does not support the video tag

Not your typical Down Syndrome "birth day"

Not your typical Down Syndrome “birth day”

I have been reading quite a few Down Syndrome blogs lately….Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day. It is celebrated on 3.21 each year. The date is significant as it represents 3 copies of the 21st chromosome:  the genetic condition known as “trisomy 21,” or “Down syndrome.” Over the past couple of weeks, I have read […]

You can help Fiona get to her forever family!

You can help Fiona get to her forever family!

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 3-21 of each year. 3-21 represents three copies of the twenty-first chromosome that all individuals with Down syndrome have. I like to call it a little bit of something extra awesome! A fellow Down Syndrome mamma has a friend that is creating these personalized cover photos as a […]


(photo credit: Global Hydranencephaly Foundation) I have heard everyone of the things listed in the box and I love the addition to the photo – “I think you meant to say these things to my child” or in my case children. Yep. My kids are brave, strong, inspiring, and my little heroes!

The beginning of Communication

The beginning of Communication

And so it begins…… Boston is three and non-verbal. Which is not uncommon for a kiddo with Down Syndrome. It is however frustrating – for him and for me. This of course is my second time around with beginning the communication process with a non- verbal kiddo. Brookie ROCKED it and seemed to get the […]

It is not "just a word"

It is not “just a word”

“that tv show is so retarded” “you missed our turn. what are you? a retard?” Most of us hear phrases like these everyday. Heck – some of you reading this USE phrases like this. I truly believe that MOST people who use “the r word” do not intend to be hurtful or disrespectful in any […]

Splish Splash Sweetness

Splish Splash Sweetness

Team GP2C - Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

Team GP2C – Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

It truly is hard to even put into words the emotions of last weekend….but before I start getting hate mail for not blogging about the weekend…here it goes….. My partner in crime for the weekend – Ingrid Harding. We do not get to see each other much throughout the year but you can bet we […]