Coloring eggs was a bit more fun this year ;)

It is that time of year – to get out all of the egg decorating kits. This year we thought it would be a little more fun for Brooklyn to have a few friends over to decorate eggs (I think we were right!) Thank goodness my mom hits the clearance bins each year – we had plenty of choices for the girls to decorate with!
All of the girls thought the spinner was the COOLEST way to decorate the eggs though – which was nice because that is how Brooklyn decorates them :) I apologize that this is not a great picture of what the spinner actually looks like  (see above picture in the right hand corner with the big pink button – that is the spinner.)
Brooklyn…checking out what all of her friends were doing. I think she smiled the entire time!
We OF COURSE had some Girl Power nail decals and tattoos to use :) Bailey made a cute smiley face with hers!
Emma, hard at work on her egg!
I thought these silly face stickers were great! (and a super easy way to decorate them!)
of course we had some fancy eggs too ;)
Emma had fun looking through some pictures on Brooklyn’s Tobii (yes, I realize I have been a slacker posting about the Tobii- many because I feel like a Tobii failure (but that is an entirely separate blog post!)
You KNOW Grammy would use some GP2C inspiration on her egg!
I was impressed with how well all of the girls’ eggs turned out!
After the eggs were done the girls tried VERY hard to get a good photo of all of them on the Tobii – not sure we actually got a good picture – but we sure had fun trying!

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