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IMG_5532.JPGOne week ago today we came home from having surgery at Shriners Hospital in Chicago. I apologize for not being all that great on updating everyone on how this week as been but this picture sort of sums it up. Poor thing.

I should back up and fill you in on what led us to surgery at Chicago.

After the LOVELY wreck – on Thursday night we ended up back down in Fort Wayne the next day at Lutheran ER, her pain was too much – we could not wait on our CT appointment later that day. They did the CT there at the ER and it of course DID show a fracture in her femur. The bad thing was that the ortho team there in Fort Wayne did not feel comfortable treating her. They suggested a transfer down to Indianapolis which is where most of her care team is. The ortho team in Indy  felt that since she was less than three weeks out from her last surgery (for those of you keeping track – she JUST had surgery on Dec 17th to get her hardware removed.) Soooooo it is now 6pm on Friday night. They admitted her to the peds floor there at Lutheran while we waited for our ambulance transport over to Chicago on Saturday. (which by the way our transport team was AMAZING – thank you Three Rivers!!)

Saturday – Monday was kind of a blur – or maybe more of a nightmare really. Her pain was OUT OF CONTROL and everything they tried to give her to control the pain either made her vomit or gave her some other reaction. She ended up on a tylenol suppository – yep – you read that right – tylenol to manage the pain of a broken femur. (hence the “it was a bit of a nightmare”) neither one of us slept more than a few minutes from Saturday morning – Monday. Surgery was at 2:00 – have I mentioned that I have the TOUGHEST little girl in the world?!?!

We came home on Wednesday – one week ago today.

Overall she has been “ok” we are still on pain meds around the clock and those are messing with her tummy so we have our ups and our downs. I am sure she is BEYOND bored here at home too – she LOVES school and has to be home for five more weeks. (booooooo) She has her left leg in an immobilizer and has a hip abduction brace between both of her legs – both of which she is less that thrilled about – but they are needed to keep everything stable.

Prayers are greatly appreciated as the healing process continues!

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    praying for comfort and for her to heal quickly

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