Life with Our Tubie – Changes

And so the change begins…..

We received the “new” feeding pump bags this month. Those of you who have a kiddo with a feeding tube you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. For those of you who don’t, it seems that quite a few changes are coming down the road in terms of feeding supplies and other accessories. The “Stay Connected” webpage is the official place to keep up with all of the changes as well as a timeline for these changes. I also love the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation Website for helpful information.

I am not one for change so I am already anxious about the changes. It seems silly I suppose with everything that I deal with to let something like this stress me out  but I have a system, it works. Why change it.  They ASSURE us that a blended diet will work with these changes so there is no real concern for me. I will adapt, it is what we do, right? For now the only “new” part I have is the bag – I use the adapter that comes with it and simply use our same feeding extension. I think once the new extensions and syringes come, that will take a bit getting use to so for now….we ease into the transition.

I took some pictures to show the new bag as well as how it works with the current feeding extension:

New bag, with adapter hooked up to old extention

New Bag – with adapter on it – so that it works with the old feeding extension.

New bag – I took the adapter so you could see the new end.


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