So Much to Say

Seven years ago a friend of mine wrote this song for Brooklyn. Today it popped up in my facebook newsfeed for some reason and WOW – talk emotions flooding back! I wanted to share the beautiful words with all of you again today.

Verse 1:
Silent love, she quiets my soul.
All my questions have taken their toll.
There is no price I wouldn’t pay,
I’m thankful she has so much to say.

She has so much to say
Like “I love you” and “How was your day?”
“Turn on the TV, I’m missing my show.”
“Do you think my hair looks cute with a bow?”
Her eyes tell stories her lips never will
With a frown, with a glance she speaks to me still

Verse 2: Her thoughts on display for anyone who’ll see
I’ve been blinded by the notion that it affects only me
These challenges we face won’t matter someday
An eternity with you with so much to say.

Bridge: Those eyes convey all that I need to know
A yearning to tell me more than she’s able to show

If you want to check out the video it is shared on YOUTUBE.

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