Fall, Fun, & Friendship

School has been in session for over a month now an I am finally getting it together enough to start having friends over after school! I promised Brooklyn I would be better at getting friends together outside of school this year. She was PUMPED to have her friend Audrey over.

When asked her opinion on Audrey we got a pretty great response…..I agree…….Audrey is pretty amazing!

They worked on decorating pumpkins – Grammy got her some COOL peel and stick faces that worked great. Audrey helped her with her choices – she communicates SO GREAT with Brooklyn, I love it!

Brooklyn does too!
 I think the finished product turned out AWESOME!  

I think my favorite part of the afternoon was when Brooklyn used her Tobii to say “I want you to do it” She wanted Audrey to try talking with her Tobii – it was awesome to see the interaction and it was great for Audrey to see how hard (and frustrating) it can be to know WHAT you want to say but maybe the words are not there, or you do not know where the words are, or you look at a word too long and the computer chooses it but you were not really wanting THAT word or phrase! Audrey choose to say “this is frustrating!” (We agree don’t we Brooklyn???!!!)

It was a pretty cool thing – for both girls!

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