WARNING: Awareness is about to happen!

It is ALMOST October.

Which means it is ALMOST Down Syndrome Awareness Month AND Rett Syndrome Awareness Month!!! I plan on blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY. You will hear great facts and stories, you will get updates on research and of course see super cute pictures of my kids like this:







It is my month to honor my kiddos, and lets face it – they DESERVE it! My hope is that people love the posts and maybe even learn a little bit. If you want to share my blog posts with YOUR friends and family and educate even more people that would be FABULOUS! Dare I even say my hope is not only to create some awareness but maybe even some ACCEPTANCE?!?! Yes. Please.

Do YOU have a question you would like to ask about Rett Syndrome or Down Syndrome & Autism? Leave a comment and I will answer it in one of my blog posts throughout the month!

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