Some of you reading this blog know ALL ABOUT Rett Syndrome but some of you might be new here. Maybe you are a Down Syndrome/Autism mom and are stopping by because of my son Boston? Well – since you are here I would LOVE for you to learn a little about my daughter Brooklyn and Rett Syndrome too! The photo above lists the symptoms that my daughter battles every day. She really is AMAZING! (Thank you Army of Us for this great image!)

Its tough because on the inside she is this typical, smart, funny, ten year old girl that is trapped in a body that just DOES NOT work like she wants it to. We are absolutely blessed that she is doing so well medically right now. While yes we can check all of the above symptoms off of our list (she deals with all of them) she also is doing awesome in her fifth grade class (with her typical peers), she has the BEST friends that a girl could want, her GI is thrilled with how well she is doing with her blended diet (she is almost 50 pounds now!) She just got her cast off, and her pulmonologist said he did not recognize her (lol) – she is the healthiest she has ever been going into winter (yes I am knocking on wood as I type this – and am VERY thankful that I was introduced to DoTerra essential oils) all around – things are going well!

Be sure to check back throughout the month for more Rett Syndrome info!


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