Saying Goodbye

I do not know if this counts as an awareness post really but it is a part of our life – with DS/ASD and ABA Therapy….saying goodbye is HARD!

I remember when Boston started ABA – I was terrified. I have to drop my little sweetheart off  – leave him there – all day – with STRANGERS. Boston is non-verbal so he can’t tell me if he loves it, hates it. If he gets aong with his therapist, if they are mean to him, impatient with him ——so many worries swirl through my head. We have been SO BLESSED at Hopebridge to have had AMAZING therapists working with Boston. They rotate so he gets a new therapist every quarter or so, Boston gets used to switching and working with new people. I think it helps that his therapists are STILL THERE in the building. He still sees them, hugs them, gets to love on them.  This beauty in the pictures with Boston is Kaylie. She is currently his AM therapist and yesterday was our last day with her. She is moving to ALABAMA. We are all SO SAD about this! Boston and Kaylie have quite a sweet connection! He is going to miss her SO MUCH. I do not think he realized that yesterday when he waved goodbye that she would not be there this morning :( Luckily he LOVES his PM therapist too and I know Chelsie will give him extra love today. His new am therapist seems super sweet and has been co-treating Boston with Kaylie the past four days. Please pray Boston has a good morning! And please pray for Kaylee and her move to Alabama! (We hope to visit!!)

Seriously – look at his sweet hand on her face……

Love you Kaylie!

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  1. Nita Ritze Neu October 7, 2015 at 9:17 am | | Reply

    What a bittersweet story…You did a great job capturing their connection in your photos! The first photo, with Boston’s hand on Kaylie’s face, is my favorite. I pray that Boston has a joyful day and is blessed with many many more kaylie’s in his life!

  2. Erin Campbell October 7, 2015 at 10:29 am | | Reply

    Everyone who comes in contact with Kaylie feels her amazing faith and beautiful spirit! I am glad that Boston got the time with her that he did! And as her sister who lives out of town, I can tell you that she is good at staying in touch. :) Best wishes to everyone!!


  3. Gina Messa October 7, 2015 at 12:12 pm | | Reply

    Hi Kelly! I am Kaylie’s mom. I had the pure joy of meeting your Boston yesterday! Boston was with Kaylie when I stopped in to see her. I really understand why it’s going to be so hard for her to be away from him!! I instantly fell in love!! The connection they have is so special! The huge belly laugh he made when she gave him a piggy back ride was absolute joy! I loved watching them interact. I hope that when she visits Boston again, she’ll bring me along. Your son is AMAZING!!

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