Playtex – you are KILLING ME!

Thanks alot Playtex! You discontinued the ONE cup my son can drink independently from! What a nightmare. So of course I go online to try to buy up as many as I can and find posting like this one seen below. YES you are reading that correctly over $200 for two cups – are you kidding me?

OOOOO – this one is a STEAL – well under $200!!
sippy cup 2

Of course I see THIS GEM – and think GOLDMINE – only to notice that is reads “colors/STYLES vary”. Styles vary? I almost got suckered into that one – I would buy them only to have the NEW version shipped. UGH!!


What is the NEW version  you might ask? See photo below. To many of you it does not seem THAT different. To my son with Autism and Down Syndrome this is HUGE. For one – I even tried them and the sucking pressure it takes it crazy, the lip placement to get it to work is different, the spout it made out of completely different material and heck the handles are not even the same. All of these differences are a complete shock to Boston. (and a trigger of a massive meltdown)


I know, I know, work with him on other cups – YES – absolutely we are! But these are his “go to.” The source of his hydration and many of his nutrients – and this change is one more stress, one more battle, one more thing that makes our daily routine rough.

SOOOOOOOOO I am putting a call out to all of my friends – PLEASE check your cabinets, check garage sales, anything – I am desperate people :) If you can check any local stores in your area that wold be amazing too – although I am pretty sure most have been pulled from the shelves. Let me know if you find any of these lost bits of treasure in your area!!!



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