Videos from 2008

I am really not for sure why I decided to check out my old youtube channel but I did, and I cried. As far as an awareness post today…..well… a mother it heartbreaking to watch your daughter work so hard to gain skills and then again to lose skills. I long to have my sweet girl standing and taking steps again but Rett Syndrome has taken that away.

Balance/Standing: You will see in this video (from over 7 years ago!)how much focus, concentration, and strength it took for her to stand and balance.

Walking: Brooklyn never took “independent” steps but she did walk fully assisted as you will see in this video. She also walked in a walker (I do not think I have video of that) and also behind push toys. (Click HERE to view an old home movie of her crawling, walking behind a push toy, and feeding herself. I do not have these on youtube to embed in this post)

I wish now that I would have filmed every single step she took, every meal she ever fed herself, and every word she ever spoke. At the time I did not realize all of that would be gone, that would never having the opportunity to experience those things with her again. #realliferett


*You will also note from this video that the Wiggles have been tormenting me for YEARS (and that we often borrowed Jackson’s bibs – sorry Brookie for posting this with you in a boy bib)

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