Wrist Support/Braces

One issue that comes along with Rett Syndrome are orthopedic issues. For those of you who follow this blog – you have seen the broken bones, hip reconstruction, and scoliosis however it even affects her wrists. She struggles with wrist contractures, which can happen from the years of constant “hand wringing” also – just being in a wheelchair all day with them in her lap can play a part in it.  Contractures can happen in all joints in our girls due to lack of mobility and spastic muscles. The past few years we have started wearing braces on her wrists to help keep them straight.

I often get asked why she is wearing them, what is wrong with her wrists?  (see picture below –  at least they ARE cute pink and purple ones though!)wrist1 It is because without them her hands naturally rest in very “UNnatural” positions.


wrist4I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable – heck, down right painful keeping her wrists like that can be. I of course hate that she has to wear them, it is just “one more thing” to deal with but they seem to make her much more comfortable! I rub her wrists with DoTerra White Fir before I put them on and after I take them off in the evening. If she is having a really “tight” day I use Deep Blue oil. The addition of these oils have helped a ton!

Do you have a question about Rett Syndrome that you want answered? Please ask! I am HAPPY to educate my world about Rett Syndrome.

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