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Making Choices

Making Choices

Making choices….we all LOVE to make our own decisions…even at five years old. Now, don’t get me wrong, at five a child can’t be expected to always make good choices – nor do we let them make big, life choices. But how about choosing what dvd they are in the mood to watch or if […]

The daily "line up"

The daily “line up”

The above photos are all examples of  “line ups” that are currently going on in my house this afternoon. I assume most of my Autism mom friends recognize this. I am not sure WHY he does it really. I only know that he does…..all of the time. Mostly with DVDs and blocks but as you can […]

Post Op

Post Op

One week ago today we came home from having surgery at Shriners Hospital in Chicago. I apologize for not being all that great on updating everyone on how this week as been but this picture sort of sums it up. Poor thing. I should back up and fill you in on what led us to […]

Rough Week

Rough Week

It has been a rough couple of days. Wednesday morning Brooklyn was in her recliner – hooked up to her feeding pump having breakfast just like every other morning. I was in the kitchen getting Boston’s food packed up for ABA. Then I heard a thud. (which is not unusual – Boston gets rowdy in […]

Boston's Blended Diet

Boston’s Blended Diet

It has been awhile since I shared any of my blends. I mixed up a few today so I thought I would post. Keep in mind Boston is gluten and dairy free so if your kiddo is not you can substitute some dairy options as well. I use my Blendtec blender to make them. The […]

Team Brooklyn - Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

Team Brooklyn – Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

I am taking 2015 off from running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. I will be there to CHEER on all of the runners and will be helping out with all of the GP2C events and hanging out with my Rett Syndrome family – just no running this year. Of course that does not mean that […]