“Mommy, I want a drink”

“Mommy, I want a drink”

“Mommy, I want a drink”


“Mommy I WANT A DRINK NOW!!!!”

I know that MANY of my mommy friends can relate to this very scenario, right? You might be thinking but wait, Boston is NON VERBAL…what the heck is Kelly talking about? No way Boston repeated that statement four times this morning.

But HE DID…..in is own non-verbal way.

Let me explain.

Boston uses PECs (Picture Exchange Communication)

This morning he brings me the picture of his cup. His way of asking for a drink. I get the carton of rice milk out but then my phone rings (I leave the container on the counter.)

Then I tun around and he has the carton of milk in his arms – shoving it into MY arms. Again telling me – “mommy, I want a drink.” I grab a cup out but then I hear Brooklyn waking up in her room so I head to check on her.


In walks Boston into Brooklyn’s room with his cup and lid – one in each hand. Yep, third time –“mommy, I want a drink.”


I tell him I will be out in a minute (I am not sure if he truly understands that statement, but I always TRY to talk through everything.) Then from the other room I hear his button -“May I have something to drink please.” He had walked back out to the kitchen and pushed the pre-recorded button we have on the wall. (the empty velcro piece is where the photo of his cup was (see picture #1) – So, if you are keeping track that is the FOURTH “mommy, I want a drink.”


So, while TECHNICALLY he did not SAY the words he was TELLING me (over and over and over) just like any other six year old that feels like their needs are are being ignored by mom.

I hope everyone else feels like this is as HUGE as I do!?! Because it is. It is beyond huge. It is communication. It is communication using multiple forms/sources at that! My only hope is that we can spread this to other areas of needs/wants in his life. Because my friends – He has requesting a drink MASTERED.


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  1. Tommie March 29, 2016 at 12:29 pm | | Reply

    This really is so awesome! While my daughter (9) isn’t non-verbal, we thought for the first few years of her life that she might be because her syndrome (5p-) often leaves kids and adults with the syndrome without a voice. When she started signing at three and then babbling at four, I knew how lucky we are.

    Any type of communication is amazing and wonderful and gives our kids a sense of autonomy.

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