Birthday Boy


Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet little guy, Boston. I still can’t fathom that he is SEVEN today. It just can’t be! We won’t be doing much of a party really – he doesn’t care for all of the commotion. But I absolutely CELEBRATE this little life. It is funny, I remember being pregnant with him and thinking that there is absolutely no way I could love another child as much as I love Brooklyn (I am sure that this is a thought most moms have as they await their second child?) But then this amazing teeny package came into this world so early and so small and such a fighter. Little did we know that afternoon exactly how many challenges he would face.

I am thinking about all that has happened since his sixth birthday……..He started his third year of an all day ABA program, he has learned to drink from a straw and has better control of feeding himself from a spoon, he has even started a feeding therapy program (to HOPEFULLY move away from all puree food and into some solids!) I think the largest change is the introduction of his communication app, SpeakAll, which he is picking up so well! His favorite request right now is bubbles but he is also using it to request his food and drink when he is hungry and thirsty which is awesome! We hope to continue to build on his budding vocabulary. Some of his favorite things continue to be The Wiggles, Dora, jumping on the trampoline, books and playing in the hot tub or pool.

I look forward to all of the wonderful things he will learn, explore, and experience this next year! Happy SEVENTH birthday buddy!

*Thanks Duncan for the birthday image!


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