teething stinks!

It turns out I am getting my two year molars AND have a sinus infection. That is why I have not been feeling so hot. Thanks Dr. Dean for getting me some medicine; sorry I slept through most of our appointment! I think I am on my way to feeling MUCH better….I might even try […]

Mommy’s "Brooklyn Burrito"

My mommy is so silly. After my bath she cuddles me up in my towel and calls me her “Brooklyn Burrito.” We both giggle a lot….I actually kind of like it but I still think she is silly!

Brooklyn at the ballgame

Brady, Me, and Brent My sitter Janet and me (I love you Janet!) Brent even let me wear his hat after the game!I love my Pappy, he came to the game too (Grammy, you should have gotten in the picture!) I had a BLAST tonight cheering on my two favorite baseball players; Brent and Brady! […]

My new swing is AWESOME!

We really need to do something about this sun….but I LOVE my new swing set! Thanks again dad for building it for me!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!!

Daddy and me on Father’s day! We took daddy out for breakfast and then I napped on the way home. This afternoon we hung out at Aunt Kristin’s Pool. Daddy, Even though I am little and can’t express myself with words…I hope you know how much I love you! You make me giggle when you […]

Our first swim in Jackson’s NEW pool!

Mommy and me We all had fun at Aunt Kristin’s pool party! I relaxed in the sun for awhile. This is my new float I got for my birthday! Thanks Jackson & Aunt Kristin, Grammy & Pappy, Josh & Jordan, Knox’s, and Gaerte’s we had a GREAT time hanging out today!!!


I know 3 posts in one day is A LOT but….I just was emailing my cousin back and it prompted me to blog once more. She was praising me for my strength and telling me how wonderful I am. Many of you reading this have and I THANK you all so much for your kind […]

My Kentucky Buddies

Jonah Grace, Noah, & Faith My mommy’s college friend Shannon sent her these cute pictures of her kids! I can’t wait to meet them, hopefully this summer!

Two angels in the same small town!

Last night I had a long chat with another Rett mom…….HERE IN ANGOLA!!!It is kind of ironic that it takes hours, days, or even months to find people (and even doctors) that are familiar with Rett Syndrome and suddenly I am on the phone talking with a mom that lives 15 minutes from me! AMAZING! […]

Big Girl in Daddy’s seat!

I love Daddy’s “Big” computer chair, especially when we can talk him into playing Wiggles songs on his ITunes! (Like my pig tails?)