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Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet little guy, Boston. I still can’t fathom that he is SEVEN today. It just can’t be! We won’t be doing much of a party really – he doesn’t care for all of the commotion. But I absolutely CELEBRATE this little life. It is funny, I remember being pregnant with him […]

Playtex - you are KILLING ME!

Playtex – you are KILLING ME!

Thanks alot Playtex! You discontinued the ONE cup my son can drink independently from! What a nightmare. So of course I go online to try to buy up as many as I can and find posting like this one seen below. YES you are reading that correctly over $200 for two cups – are you kidding […]

Life with Our Tubie - Changes

Life with Our Tubie – Changes

And so the change begins….. We received the “new” feeding pump bags this month. Those of you who have a kiddo with a feeding tube you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. For those of you who don’t, it seems that quite a few changes are coming down the road in terms of feeding […]

Boston's Blended Diet

Boston’s Blended Diet

It has been awhile since I shared any of my blends. I mixed up a few today so I thought I would post. Keep in mind Boston is gluten and dairy free so if your kiddo is not you can substitute some dairy options as well. I use my Blendtec blender to make them. The […]