Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome Day!!

World Down Syndrome Day!!

Today is “World Down Syndrome Day!” A day when WORLDWIDE Down Syndrome is being recognized, which of course is an amazing thing! It is great to get the word out about Down Syndrome and the amazingness of all those with that “little something extra.” It is a day focused on peoples strengths, their “can do’s […]



We are absolutely LOVING this crazy Indiana Spring weather! Even though Brookie is still not feeling quite herself, we were able to get out and enjoy some sunshine this weekend! THANK GOODNESS – a person could go crazy being locked up too long….I think I was well on my way!

Still sick....

Still sick….

Just when I think this kids can’t get any more adorable……I take a picture like this. Poor kid STILL isn’t feeling better. We actually ended up in the ER last night. He is ok but the doctor wants him on steroids and breathing treatments for the next five days. We just took a nice warm […]

The WORST part of getting ready for preschool

There are some things in life I hate….filling out ability forms of any kind on my kids is one of those things. I am getting ready for the meeting to transition Boston from his early intervention program into preschool for the fall and with that change comes the Adaptive Behavior Assessment – gag – There […]

Boston’s NEW shirt!!

OT with Miss Heidi

Yep, it was a “lets to therapy in our jammies” kind of mornings but Boston did GREAT!Although he was NOT sure about the Cookie Monster toy at all! Look at his face :)Working on picking up the balls and then pushing them back through – lots of fine motor!Stacking blocks – he did it ONCE […]

Boston Walking

I have not loaded any videos of Boston walking yet….he is doing SO GREAT now – he is ALL over the place so I figured it was past time to share it with all of you!

Occupational Therapy

Boston had Occupational Therapy every Thursday morning with Miss Heidi….usually he works really hard for her although he does have a bit of an attitude when she tries to get him to do what she wants instead of what HE wants! Lucky for both of them he LOVES working on the big blue ball!! well….and […]