Brooklyn's "Sweet 16" picks

Brooklyn’s “Sweet 16” picks

Thanks to one of my fellow Rett Syndrome mammas (Kristin Hileman) – we were inspired to get Brooklyn involved with all of this MARCH MADNESS! With Pappy’s help, we found all of the team logos and Grammy put them on index cards for her and we were ready to make her picks! We decided to […]

The beginning of Communication

The beginning of Communication

And so it begins…… Boston is three and non-verbal. Which is not uncommon for a kiddo with Down Syndrome. It is however frustrating – for him and for me. This of course is my second time around with beginning the communication process with a non- verbal kiddo. Brookie ROCKED it and seemed to get the […]

We adapt...its what we do....

We adapt…its what we do….

We need a way for her friends to “practice” using Brooklyn’s eye gaze board to communicate with Brooklyn – but it was taking a long time for them to all take turns with the one she uses during class SO….what do we do….we adapt. We found these clear clip boards at Staples. We taped index […]

Communication Bill of Rights

I recently was made aware that there is actually a Communication Bill of Rights. As a mother of a disabled (non-verbal) daughter you would think I would have know about something like this. (Better late than never I guess!) Anyway, as I began reading through the list I said to myself, “Everyone wants these things, […]