Rett Syndrome

I’m running the Disney Princess Half Marathon……now stop laughing and read this post ;)

Kristin, me, and Emilie – getting ready for our snow angels :)“psyching” ourselves up!snow angels for our Rett Angel Brooklynsilliness – we gotta be crazy to be doing snow angels in shorts and to be attempting this half marathon!what we will not do to raise money for Rett Syndrome!Since the womb Kristin and I have […]

"living with" is an amazing site filled with all kinds of adaptive equipment which is life changing for girls like Brooklyn! They also have a section of their site called “Living With” and this month the title is “Living With Rett Syndrome” and I think if you check it out you might recognize an adorable little […]


For the past four years since our Rett Syndrome diagnosis I considered us one of the “lucky ones.” I watched as many of the other girls struggled day in and day out with seizures – listened to their mommies (my dearest friends) cry and yell out of frustration. I could listen and encourage them but […]

Video Slideshow from our GP2C Rockin’ for Rett Angola!

3rd Annual Rockin’ for Rett – Angola, IN – 10.15.2011 from Girl Power 2 Cure on Vimeo.

EEG results

Grammy and Brookie dancing :) We finally met with the neurologist this afternoon to go over the results of our 72 hour video eeg. The recording captured seven “episodes.” Two of the five episodes were determined to be seizures – these were the “big” ones I talked about where she goes very stiff – then […]

Join us Saturday Night!!!

Why I love inclusion

Those of you who read my blog know that Brooklyn is attending a “typical” first grade room for most of her day. I love inclusion, I love that my school is so supportive if inclusion and I love that the kids there love Brooklyn. I recently had a mom email me a couple of her […]

Back to school……sickness????

ah…ah…ah..AH.AH..CHOOOOOOOOO Yep…our first sickness of the fall – you know, the “welcome back to school it is great to see all your friends AND bring home all the germs” sickness. It hit our house this week. Brooklyn and Boston are both pretty miserable :( No worries – we are stocked up on Boogie Wipes! Brooklyn […]