An SUPER easy way to support Rett Research!

Do you search the Internet occasionally? OK……daily?If so, you can help raise money for Rett Syndrome research! Simply go to In the middle of the page you will see this:WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR? This is where you type in “Rett Syndrome Research Foundation” and click the verify button. Now…search the Internet using this […]

Socks for AFO

For all Rett moms: These are the socks that Brooklyn uses with her orthodic’s (She wears the Jumpstart orthodics set from Cascade); they work great! They are a bit pricey but as we all eventually find out….you get what you pay for. We LOVE them. They are seamless so they don’t bug her and they […]

Rett Update

The Keppra that they have prescribed for her seizures seems to be helping a bit but she is SO sleepy that it has been hard to tell how effective it is really. Sometimes I feel that she is so tired that I can’t tell if she is having a seizure for sure. I have talked […]